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BOS 700 x 33 - 120 TPI Folding Bead Clincher

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COMING SOON. BOS is the airport code for Boston, Massachusetts, the original hotbed of North American ‘cross and home to some of the harshest weather and the toughest courses.

If you’re pinning on a number in New England you better be ready for rain, roots, ruts and mud. This tire is even more aggressive than our mud-proven PDX. It features buttressed side-knobs for outstanding traction in super muddy corners and off-cambers, and a center tread pattern that is all bite when it comes down to a tractor pull.

700 x 33mm

397 grams


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Product Features:

  • Buttressed sde-knobs for superior cornering traction.
  • Unique center knob pattern designed for maximum traction when you need it most.
  • Soft rubber compound provides extra grip and shock absorption.
  • Precision design creates a straight tire with no variances in size or alignment.
  • This tire should be used with a tube and not set up tubeless.