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Donnelly launches cyclocross and gravel bike line


Not just a tire brand anymore.

Donnelly Cycling, specializing in both cyclocross and gravel-specific tires, is coming to market with the perfect platform for its tires and wheels: their own top-shelf gravel and cross carbon frames. Two new bikes will be introduced and on display at the Dirty Kanza (DK200) – Friday, June 1st and Saturday June 2nd at the event’s expo in the Donnelly booth. The race-ready gravel G//C will also be in action when pro cyclocross racer, Jamey Driscoll makes his first DK200 start.

Donnelly G//C Gravel Carbon bike

Both Donnelly’s new C//C (Cross Carbon) and G//C (Gravel Carbon) are high-performance designed frames. The G//C features a unique geometry blending aggressive angles for gravel racing or fast group rides, with enough comfort for long days in saddle. The frames accommodate a 45mm tire on a 700c wheel and a 50mm tire on a 650b wheel, which provides a variety of options based on rider preference and riding conditions. The C//C cross frame checks all the boxes when it comes to a cyclocross race frame. It offers a precise race-specific geometry, superb power transfer, and adequate tire clearance all while being vertically compliant enough for longer distance training rides.

Behind the Donnelly bike project is Rolf Singerberger of RS Development, former Head of Development for both BMC and for Eddy Merckx bicycles. Singerberger’s leadership and innovation with carbon fiber and frame development were recognized with several design awards including the 2005 Eurobike Gold Design award, the 2006 Red Dot Design Award, and the 2006 Volvo Sports Design Award. “We were extremely fortunate that Rolf was available to direct the bike project,” said Donnelly Cycling President, Donn Kellogg, “these are world class frames.”

Donnelly C//C Cross Carbon cyclocross bike

The C//C cross frameset retails for $1,999.99 and will come in two color options: black, and ‘Amy D blue’ (more to follow re: Amy D blue). The G//C frameset also retails for $1,999.99 and is available in glossy sand. Both frames will be available in late June on the Donnelly Cycling website and through select bicycle retailers; complete bikes will be available by mid-July. 

Donnelly C//C Cross Carbon cyclocross bike


Bikes are being spec’d with either SRAM Rival or SRAM Force, FSA cockpits and cranks, and Donnelly’s Ushuaia wheelset. Both the G//C Rival and C//C Rival will retail for $2,999.99; the G//C Force and C//C Force will retail for $3,999.99. Standard tire spec for the G//C gravel bike is the X’PLOR MSO 700 x 40 tubeless ready; for the C//C cross bike, the MXP 700 x 33mm tubeless ready will complete the package. Frames and bikes can be pre-ordered through the Donnelly Cycling website.

After a decade of designing what many consider the go-to cyclocross and gravel tires to address nearly every type of terrain or condition, Kellogg believes that the frame was the next logical step. “Racing is part of the Donnelly DNA,” said Kellogg. “People who know me can attest I’ve been hands-on, deeply involved in the sport since the early days of my bike industry career when I was either racing myself, coaching and managing teams, or founding and funding them. While it is certainly part of our marketing message, that’s not why I do it,” Kellogg said, “I do it because it is in my blood.”

Donnelly G//C Gravel bikes and frames

When Kellogg is not working closely with a team of advisors and athletes designing a new tire he is often driving thousands of miles to another race or event, often to gauge immediate feedback from athletes and field testers, including former pro racer and Donnelly Brand Manager, Brandon Dwight. “This is a culmination of everything Donn has been doing throughout his career,” explained Dwight.

“It would have been just as easy to scrap the idea and to continue making tires,” Dwight continued, “but it made better sense to bring it all together, to connect the dots between the tires and the wheels, and between the events and people we support.” Dwight, a four-time National Cyclocross Masters Champion and former award-winning bike retailer, emphasized, “It’s what we do on the weekend.” He explained, “This is taking the words ‘true to the sport’ and personifying it. We are literally taking the concept of being true to ‘cross, true to gravel and true to racing and representing it with these bikes. We tie it altogether with our tires, wheels and with brands like (SRAM & FSA) who embody the same qualities through their end products.”

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