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Team News #14 - Sponsor Love


Being the title sponsor of a professional cyclocross team is no small task. It takes a company, like Donnelly, who is committed to the sport. It takes a manager and mechanic who understands this is not a a 9-to-5 gig. It takes riders who are dedicated and strive to give the best at every race. It also takes the tremendous support of amazing sponsors who know the value of supporting a team like ours. Donnelly is proud to sponsor a professional cyclocross team, but we could not do it without the companies listed below. Please give this a quick read and consider giving these companies some love in the future!

Pivot Cycles

If you’ve been following the team at all this season, then you know we’ve been competing on the race-ready Pivot Vault. We won’t get in to all the techie features of the carbon lay up or geometry here. You can read all about that over on Pivot’s website. We will just tell you straight up, our team was suspect when told they would be racing a Pivot. Gut reaction was it would ride too much like a gravel or trail bike. And why not, Pivot does make some amazing mountain bikes. Well, after one ride every team member knew the Pivot Vault was a frame they could win on.

Full Speed Ahead

The Donnelly Sports racing teams have been using FSA components for many years now and we can’t thank them enough for their incredible support. If you are looking for top-level componentry offered in a variety of sizes and price points, give FSA a look . We are sure you will find what you need. Our team has also been rigorously testing out FSA’s new electronic drivetrain and reporting all the findings back to FSA headquarters on a weekly basis. It’s awesome to see a company so connected to the rider experience when developing and improving products.


Cyclocross racing is not kind to bicycle wheels. Week in and week out they take a serious beating. Vision wheels have been unbelievably reliable and durable over the years, which allow us to use some wheel sets multiple years in a row. Vision has certainly made a name for itself on the professional road and triathlon scene and we are honored to represent on the ‘cross course.


We’ll get straight to the point. K-EDGE makes some of the most reliable and well-designed niche cycling components in the world. Every product is machined from the finest materials in their factory based in Boise, Idaho. Our riders use K-Edge computer mounts on and off the race course to hold their computers. It’s nice to use a product you never have to worry about.


Talk about a company that doesn’t sit still. Giro is continually pushing the envelope for everything a helmet can be. Their dedication to creating the most innovative protective headgear is a true testament to their commitment to competition. Giro has been a tremendous sponsor of Donnelly racing teams for many years now and we thank them for protecting our riders.


Castelli was one of the first custom apparel companies to really listen and act on the feedback from cyclocross racers. They made many cyclocross specific pieces in their custom line-up and also used this valuable feedback to create better apparel, gloves and accessories for the everyday cyclist. Castelli knows if it a product can make it in cyclocross, it can make anywhere.

Sock Guy

SockGuy was one of the first players in the fun and fashionable cycling sock game. They were also one of the first companies to offer custom socks for teams and brands. While the world is now filled with lots of offerings in this genre, it’s nice to work with a company with a proven track record of superior design and construction.

Asend Nutrition

Asend Nutrition is a brand new player in the sports nutrition world and is co-founded by team rider, Jamey Driscoll.  They offer awesomely tasty hydration and recovery mixes made from all natural ingredients. As you may know, this cyclocross season has been a hot one. More often than not our riders have been racing with a water bottle filled with Asend hydration mix. Drinking fluids during a cyclocross race can be touchy with anyone’s stomach. Thanks to Asend’s simple, all-natural ingredients our riders have had no tummy aches at race pace. 

Feedback Sports

Go ahead and walk around any cyclocross race in the world and count the number of Feedback repair stands you see compared to other brands. There you go. The proof is in the pudding. If you want the best designed, most reliable work stand, look no further than Feedback Sports. And, they don’t just make stands. This company is run by dedicated cyclists and cyclocross racers, which is why they continue to pump out incredible new items like the portable Omnium trainer and professional grade repair tools.

Victory Circle Graphix

AJ Eschwig started Victory Circle Graphix more than a decade ago and has made stickers for some of the fastest humans in the world. This is a Colorado-based, family owned business with a proven track record and commitment to the sport. If you need stickers or decals, look no further than Victory Circle Graphix.