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Lance Haidet


Birthday? December 23, 1997

Where are you from and where do you live now?  I am from and currently live in San Luis Obispo, California, but I do still consider Bend, Oregon as my second home. I lived in Bend for 10 years, and it is definitely the birthplace of my cycling career. 

When you’re not riding your bicycle what would you likely be doing? When I’m not riding I’m most likely studying, in class, or making/drinking coffee. Pretty exciting, huh?

If you could describe cyclocross in 5 words what would they be?  Power, Finesse, Suffering, Glory, Braap

Why cyclocross for you? Cyclocross is for me because the racing, training, and the scene, in general, is all really fun. It is a discipline of cycling that requires a well rounded athlete, not just a power house. 

What are your main goals for the 2017-2018 season?  My main goals for this season are to move into the top 10 of UCI ranked riders in the USA, defend my U23 National Championship title, and finish top 15 at U23 World Championships. 

What is your favorite cyclocross race course in the US? My favorite course is probably Devou Park, which has been the Pan-Ams course the past few years in Cincinnati, OH. My favorite venue however, is probably Jingle Cross because of all the incredible spectators.

Favorite food? Soppressata Pizza, topped with a whole bunch of arugula. 

Coffee or tea? Coffee all the way! 

Espresso or latte? I do like the occasional latte, but I’d go for espresso or an Americano 95% of the time. 

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? I think I’m more of dark chocolate kind of guy. It makes me think that I’m at least trying to be a little bit healthy...

Favorite music? I'm sort all over the page when it comes to music. I typically listen to solid mix of Rap, EDM, and Grunge/Rock. 

Favorite book?  Young and Freedman’s University Physics?… Not really, but I feel like thats all I read anymore. But honestly, one of my favorite books is Ender’s Game. 

Favorite movie? It sort of depends on the mood, but its probably a toss-up between Nacho Libre and Interstellar 

Where do you want to go that you have not been to yet? I really want to go to Italy. The riding, the food, the history, the culture, and the cars all seem pretty awesome!

Morning person or night owl? I am much more of an early morning person. I just feel way more productive and motivated in the morning.

Instagram // @lancy_pants